The St. Catharines Stamp Club offers a comprehensive sales circuit of thousands of stamps from around the world.

The books are primarily arranged by country, but others are organized by topics. Prices are normally 30-40% of the value listed in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

Visitors and members are welcome to browse and purchase items from the club circuit books at any club meeting; however, only paid club members can place stamps in the circuit. Join our club and you may make a few dollars from your old, unwanted stamps. Because our sales circuit occasionally visits other clubs and stamp shows, we can bring in more viewers to your pages and hopefully sell more stamps.

Cash is paid out every July, and 10% of the money goes to the stamp club while the other 90% is paid back to members.

Look for all those old items you have, and you may make yourself a few extra dollars. Paid members may access the circuit information and agreement document plus the circuit sheet forms.

If you need any help with selecting material or putting pages into the circuit, contact Stuart Keeley, interim circuit manager, who will gladly answer any questions.