The St. Catharines Stamp Club is committed to helping young collectors, beginners and our members explore the wonderful world of philately.

The club meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month (effective September 2020) to enjoy the social and trading aspects of collecting stamps.

Our meetings are held at the wheelchair-accessible Grantham Lions Club on 732 Niagara St., St. Catharines, and usually run from 6:45 p.m.-8:45 p.m. Every meeting has club circuit books, a five-cent stamp box and a dealer while the second meeting of the month is usually an auction night.

Directions: From the QEW, take the Niagara Street exit and go north on Niagara Street (towards Lake Ontario). The Grantham Lions Club is about four kilometres north of the QEW. The hall is on the right side of the street after Linwell Road and before Lakeshore Road.


Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The circuit is held at every meeting, while the second meeting of the month is usually an auction night.

Schedule: Feb. 2024-Oct. 2024

Tues. Feb. 6:            Review Bourse.

Stamp Identifier Presentation.

Tues. Feb. 20:          Auction Night

Project up-date (the Club is trying to assemble a collection of 1 stamp per issuing entity. We are over 70%!

Tues. Mar. 5            Presentation: Stamp Catalogues: Why, Pricing, General versus specialized, how often to buy etc.

Tues. Mar. 19          Auction Night

Tues. Apr. 2             Presentation: Covers and Post Cards (need a presenter).

Tues. Apr. 16:          Auction Night

Tues. May 7:            Show and Tell: Asking each member to bring an item from their collection and do a quick talk. Volunteers?

Tues. May 21:          Auction Night

Project up-date preparing all for looking for some elusive items over the summer to fill holes in the collection.

Tues. Jun. 4:             Presentation on errors (missing colours, perforation misses, etc.), colour spots etc. (need a presenter)

Tues. Jun. 18:          Club donation auction and regular auction.

Circuit needs for Sept.

Sept. 3:                      Presentation: Tagging and the use of black/purple detectors (need a presenter)

Payout from circuit sales and return sheets that have been in the circuit for 3 plus years.

Circuit will need 1,200 new pages ASAP.

Sept. 17:                   Auction Night

Project up-date

Oct. 1:                        Annual meeting: Financial report, elect new executive (need a volunteer for the Circuit Manager position).

Presentation: Cinderellas and Labels

Oct. 15:                     Auction Night

Nov. 5:                       Presentation: Mint versus Used versus CTO (need a presenter)

Start planning for CATHEX 75

Nov. 19:                    Auction Night

Dec. 3:                       Presentation: One page and 16-page exhibits (need a presenter).

Dec. 17:                     Auction Night

Christmas Goodies

Project update with targets to find at CATHEX in Jan.


Club membership, which includes 20 meetings plus a subscription to the Grand News, is open to everyone.

The club’s dues are:

  • $25 for adult and family memberships;
  • $20 for senior memberships (aged 65-plus);
  • $25 for senior family memberships; and
  • $20 for youth memberships (aged 17 and under).


To boost knowledge about our hobby, the club invites and encourages speakers to give presentations at meetings.

Talking for between five and 15 minutes, the speakers usually highlight the area of collecting they focus on. During these talks, we ask for everyone’s undivided attention. One idea is for a speaker to bring a sheet of stamps, a cover or another item from their collection and discuss it, how it was obtained, its significance and more.

Exhibits: Can we produce 16 single-page exhibits or several two- or four-page exhibits and 16-page exhibits for our January bourse, Cathex? Let’s try to fill five frames (80 pages).